Doki (backwardschaos) wrote in paraprojects,

Help Daraaaa <3

Hey alllllll!

I'm so sorry to be bothering you all, but I have a favor to ask. I'm working at an internship for High Voltage Beverage Company, who is trying to publicize their new soda, Volt, which is a competitor to Mountain Dew.

BASICALLY my plea to you all is to PLEASE fan the facebook page that I'm managing for my boss. He thinks I'm slacking off and I really have NO IDEA how to get more people on there [besides people I already know!].

Sooo anyway, here's the link to the page:

In addition there are sweet videos on there that will [hopefully!] amuse you.. and here's a sample of such that I did recently:

Thank you all SO SO SO SO much. <3


P.S. Please don't critique my acting skills, I know they're awful. :P
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